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I am married to Gillian Woodman whose family have had a connection to D’Urville Island since the 1880’s. Gill and I farmed and raised our three children at Owhai Bay and we still own a piece of the original property.

In 2000 we moved from D’Urville Island to Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie Country where, for the last 20 years, we have farmed a 20,000ha high country station. 2019 saw us return to “the top of the south” and we now spend our time between Nelson and D’Urville.

The damage that introduced species have done to the island is huge. We have been poisoning and trapping stoats on our land for some years, so being asked to be a part of the larger picture painted by this project is a natural progression. Stoat eradication is just one of many species that could be addressed when we have seen the benefit of removing such pests from D’Urville.

My life has been one of working the land for a living and I have many years of experience to offer the Trust. I love this land passionately and as custodian try to do my best for it.

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