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I have spent all my life so far living at French Pass which is closely entwined with D’Urville Island. I spent a lot of time on D’Urville from the mid 50’s to the mid 60’s when my Uncle Wallace owned land at “Kupy”  Bay. I heard the Kiwi call but I never laid eyes on one. I also did a lot of hunting there.
My interest in pest eradication was sparked when Oliver Sutherland “retired” to Nelson and declared his aim was to eradicate stoats from D’Urville and return the birdsong. I wanted to be part of that. None of the original team predicted it would take so long to get underway but persistence prevailed and it is indeed underway.
I applaud the energy and expertise of our new members and the endurance of the foundation members along with the expert advice we have received along the way.

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