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Caroline Webber Palmer

Trust Member / Governance Committee

I’m am so privileged to be a part of this community project. Having grown up at French Pass, so close…

Angela Fitchett


When my Great Grandfather, Wallace Webber, farmed at French Pass, flocks of kākā flew over from the island to raid…

Christine Aston


I first came to D'Urville Island 36 years ago and loved the bush and birdlife. Marrying an Islander and raising…

Geoff Harley

Governance Committee

My family have connections to the French Pass district through my mother’s family, the Webbers, that go back to the…

Oliver Sutherland

Governance Commite

My family connections to French Pass/Rangitoto ki te Tonga date back to the 1860’s. I am a retired scientist. Trained…

Sanne Korinth

Governance Committee

Originally from Germany/Austria, the Korinth family moved to New Zealand at the beginning of 2008 and bought a sheep and…

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