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Welcome to Rangitoto Birdsong

A stoat-free D’Urville Island

Te hokinga mai o te manu hākapakapa...The return of the birdsong

Our whakatauākī says it all

This precious whakatauākī sums up the hopes of all key stakeholders involved in this project. Many remember or have heard kōrero of the numerous flocks of birds encountered on land and sea on and around the island (motu), their songs and cries tuneful and, indeed, sometimes loud enough to be deafening.

This richness of bird-life was a strong sign of the health of land (whenua), forest (Te Wao nui tapu a Tane) and sea (moana) – an environment in balance, providing a wealth of resource for all its inhabitants. It is this balance that Rangitoto Birdsong aims to help restore.


Rangitoto Birdsong thanks Ngāti Koata for their permission to use this whakatauākī in association with the project and acknowledges their ownership and rights in regard to this proverb. Māori proverbs are of few words, yet speak volumes (He iti te kupu he nui te kōrero). The return of the birdsong acknowledges this important aspect. 

Rangitoto Birdsong is a team effort and we couldn’t do it alone. We’re proud to have the support of the following organisations:
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